corona virus and immigration

When moving to a new country, there are many things to consider. One thing that is not often considered is how this change will affect routine activities, like attending university. Luckily for us, the University of Waterloo has a plan for its international students, should an outbreak occur. Once you’ve landed in Canada, there are quite a few laws and rules that govern immigration. But by putting forth the effort to understand the laws, and by following them, you’ll give yourself a great head start towards success as an immigrant. And that’s the first step towards becoming a Canadian citizen—and living the Canadian dream.

The University of Waterloo is committed to upholding a safe and welcoming environment for international students. The University has prepared a new COVID-19 plan that will ensure an acceptable level of risk to individuals, including staff, faculty and students. Other Canadian institutions have done the same and successfully met the January 15, 2022 deadline. You should have been vaccinated prior to January 15th, 2022. If you have no chance, then get yourself vaccinated! Visit the student health services or schedule a vaccination from your local doctor. 

 In order to prevent the spread of this virus, maintaining a safe distance from others is essential. In addition to using a mask when necessary and cleaning hands often, one should choose open, well ventilated spaces over closed ones. This will help lessen close contact with fellow infected persons. Covid-19 is a vile disease, and we cannot let it spread any further than it already has. Wearing protective gear and making sure that you do not come into contact with the virus are crucial in halting its spread.       

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