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Moving forward in 2022, we are already seeing positive trends in Canadian immigration. The new Minister of Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship recently announced that Canada will be increasing its immigration targets over the next few years to over one million people. 

Benefits of Migrating

Moreover, there have been some developments with regards to more efficient processing times, along with streamlining methods making the application process faster and more accurate. As we move into the next year, we may expect measures to continue improving as the reforms promised by Trudeau’s administration continue to take effect.

Changes in Canadian Immigration –

From the information received so far, it is clear that there will be significant changes in Canadian immigration to look forward to in the years ahead. However, predicting an exact picture of what these changes will mean for potential immigrants is currently impossible. As such, prospective Canadian migrants should try to look beyond these and focus on the medium- to long-term.

Benefits of migrating –

The larger numbers should make for a more consistent flow of talent and labour, though the initial change might be dramatic with so many more applications coming in at once. While no one knows for certain what new programs might replace Express Entry as Canada shifts its immigration system to better accommodate businesses, if anything changes it will be significantly better than the system before it.


The latest figures surrounding the Canadian immigration levels in 2022 show a promising outlook. The federal government has set a target of 310,000 new Permanent Residents throughout Canada this year, while also improving its processing systems to make the wait times more manageable and less stressful on both immigrants and sponsors. In 2022, we expect to see a number of new Canadian immigration programs In total, Canada hopes to bring more than 340 000 permanent residents over the next three years.

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