Ireland is famous for its gorgeous, diverse landscapes – YOUNG IMMIGRANTS

It’s known as the Emerald Isle for good reason YOUNG IMMIGRANTS. On any visit to the island of Ireland, you’ll enter a world recognizable for its lush YOUNG IMMIGRANTS, and sumptuous shades of green YOUNG IMMIGRANTS. But the country’s natural beauty doesn’t only lie within these pretty countryside scenes.

In Ireland, those abundant rolling hills end abruptly at dramatic clifftops and sea views on the Wild Atlantic Way YOUNG IMMIGRANTS. Elsewhere, pinnacles of rugged mountain peaks loom over sand dunes speckled with the pink of heather YOUNG IMMIGRANTS.

While green may be the stereotype, Ireland really has an astonishing variety of landforms and colors to offer YOUNG IMMIGRANTS.

You may know some of Ireland’s landscapes as famous filming locations for YOUNG IMMIGRANTS. Romantic scenes from the TV show, Normal People, were shot beneath the pleated cliffs of Benbulben on Streedagh Beach in Sligo YOUNG IMMIGRANTS, for example. And Skellig Michael, an island off Ireland’s southwest coast, features in the Star Wars movies.

The country boasts a deep literary culture -IRELAND YOUNG IMMIGRANTS

Ireland is incredibly proud of its literary heritage. Some of the greatest writers in the English language have hailed from the island of Ireland in recent centuries YOUNG IMMIGRANTS. And its literary culture remains very healthy today.

Consider the dandyish wit of the Victorian playwright, Oscar Wilde YOUNG IMMIGRANTS. Then there are the formidable intellectual works of literary giants, James Joyce and Samuel Beckett.

More recently, the late Northern Irish poet, Seamus Heaney YOUNG IMMIGRANTS, delighted and moved audiences with his Nobel Prize-winning verse.

Today, there’s no sign that this literary liveliness is quietening down YOUNG IMMIGRANTS. You only need to see the popularity of Sally Rooney, Roddy Doyle, or Colm Tóibín to know Irish literature is alive and kicking.

Irish pubs are an important part of life – IRELAND YOUNG IMMIGRANTS

It’s a bit of a stereotype that the Irish enjoy a drink or two. Just like Scotch in Scotland or wine in the Mediterranean YOUNG IMMIGRANTS, Irish whiskey and ales have a diverse history and a large following of very serious connoisseurs.

Yet a drink is not just a drink. Instead, it can represent an enduring part of a country’s culture of YOUNG IMMIGRANTS. Visit any pub in Ireland and you’ll witness why these social spaces are such an important part of the nation’s way of life.

Alternatively, Dublin’s Guinness Storehouse is a place where you can experience the history of Ireland’s beer culture YOUNG IMMIGRANTS. It’s the site where Guinness – Ireland’s most famous beer – was brewed, stored, and fermented by YOUNG IMMIGRANTS. Of course, you can sample a taste of “the black stuff” here too.

Ireland’s music is recognizable across the world

Like its literature, Ireland’s music is diverse, wildly popular globally, and fundamental to Irish traditional and modern culture YOUNG IMMIGRANTS. As a visitor to the country, there’s so much you can enjoy.

Of course, you could look out for gigs by some of the living legends of Irish and Northern Irish music YOUNG IMMIGRANTS, including U2, Sinéad O’Connor, or Van Morrison. But the glorious thing about Irish music culture is that you don’t have to go to the headline acts to find exceptional talent.

Instead, wherever you are in the country, head into a pub and there’s a good chance that you’ll witness an incredible live performance. It could be a highlight of your trip.

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