Landing in Canada post Covid - here are the things you need to know

The goal of this guide is to give you the relevant information on the way Canada treats immigrants post Covid. Since you would want it, then do bookmark this page and keep coming back occasionally checking out all the latest updates. 

1. Effective April 25, 2022, fully vaccinated travellers are no longer required to prepare a quarantine plan upon entering Canada. This is excellent news for live animal shippers and new immigrants to Canada, who will be able to avoid the costs and anxieties of preparing a quarantine plan if they are in compliance with the vaccination requirements under CIVS. We’re glad that this policy has been abolished and look forward to hearing about anyone’s trouble-free experience using this process!

2. The Canadian government is taking a big step forward in making the country a more inviting place for all travellers, including individuals who will be travelling with or without children. Now, it will be easier for the parents who are travelling alone to avoid having to get an additional pre-departure test solely on behalf of their children aged 5 to 11. The presence of a fully vaccinated adult is sufficient to meet the requirement by the NACI that the unvaccinated newcomer receive adequate preventative health care prior to arriving in Canada. The public health concerns have been met and as such, the obligation to provide documentation of having received all vaccines is no longer required for those 5-11 years old. 

3. The new rules take effect January 15, 2022 and older students must meet these requirements to be admissible to Canada. As a result of the above changes, you will only be able to enter Canada as a Designated Learning Student (DLS) with a valid Study Permit. Covid Risk Background Check is an online platform that allows employers and educational institutions to screen potential employees and students to verify their identity and eligibility to work or study in Canada. If you are living in Canada, be it a student or employee, Covid can help you create your account. Simply go to and follow the instructions. 

4. This is a little more complicated, but if you’re fully vaccinated, you can enter Canada. The kicker is that you have to let them know at least 14 days in advance so that you don’t jump the gun and risk being quarantined. is a healthcare information site that provides comprehensive information about immunization for travellers and the public. The software provides details on many different vaccinations throughout the world, helping individuals to make well-informed health choices on regional vaccine requirements.

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