Requirements to get Canadian Citizenship

Getting Canadian citizenship may feel like a far off dream to some people, but applying for Canadian citizenship is an important process. Reaching out to your nearest Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) office, filling out the application form and getting fingerprints taken will bring you one step closer to becoming a citizen of a country that values entrepreneurship, individual freedom and diversity. If you get Canadian Citizenship and become a citizen of Canada, you can enjoy all the privileges and benefits of Canadian citizenship, including the right to vote, live in Canada permanently and work internationally. 

There are many reasons why someone would want to obtain Canadian citizenship. However, there is a limited amount of information written about bureaucratic requirements, eligibility criteria, and the proper application process for Citizenship in Canada (especially through the Express Entry program). The purpose of providing this information below is to eliminate any confusion people might have when trying to obtain Canadian citizenship and become Permanent Residents in Canada.

Processing Time – 12 months 

The Canadian citizenship process can be quite confusing and tends to be a big drain on your time. There are lots of things you need to do and if you miss out on some it could mean having to start the application process from scratch. It’s also no wonder that so many people are confused about what is required for Canadian citizenship. Before you apply for Canadian citizenship, ensure that you meet the requirements. Canada has rigorous requirements for acquiring and maintaining citizenship. You will also be required to take oath, or affirm your belief in Canadian values and fidelity to the Queen of England.

Canadian Citizenship Requirements

To become a Canadian citizen:

You have to be a permanent resident

You must have lived in Canada for at least 1,095 days that is 3 out of the last 5 years 

You should have filed your taxes, if you need to

You should have pass a citizenship test

You have to prove your language skills in English or French

Furthermore, the following issues could affect your eligibility:

You have outstanding terms and conditions on your permanent resident status

You have a criminal record or face charges inside or outside Canada for a criminal offense

You have received an order to leave Canada

You have been refused Canadian citizenship because of misrepresentation

Your Canadian citizenship has been revoked

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