Things you need to know about immigration

You have finally decided it is time to immigrate to Canada. You’ve heard all the naysayers saying that this is a difficult process, but you’re determined to make it happen. So, how do you get started? What are the three important things you need to know to complete your immigration journey?  You should have some serious knowledge about visa and immigration. Not everybody do if you are traveling or planning to work in another country, but it is necessary to get the information before getting into trouble of not understanding completely what is happening around you.

1. Immigration Process is Complicated 

The immigration system is very complicated, which makes it difficult to navigate. The first thing to know is that you should really talk to a qualified attorney. Not someone who just tells you about some legal advice on the internet, or a friend. You need experience and knowledge to guide you through the process. Being familiar with the process yourself and having knowledge of how things work isn’t going to be enough when dealing with complicated documents and understanding what obstacles will probably get in your way. Immigration law is “unwritten,” so don’t make the mistake of thinking that you know what you’re doing based on other types of law. Immigration is completely different, and you need to have somebody with a very particular set of skills to help you out.

2. Immigration System is Slow and Lengthy 

Number two, the immigration system is slow. If you’re in the process of changing your status or becoming a citizen, it could take anywhere from one to three years. Even if you’re not trying to become a citizen and just want to apply for some sort of temporary status – like H1B or an F1 student visa – the process can be lengthy. the immigration system is unpredictable. It does not follow predictable patterns or rules. The word “system” seems to imply orderliness, but it really isn’t. There are a thousand different factors that come into play, some more important than others depending on your individual situation, and the decision an immigration officer makes can vary widely from case to case.

Getting help early is the best way to avoid problems later. If you’re in process now and haven’t encountered any major problems, you absolutely should reach out to an immigration attorney who knows your options and can tell you whether or not you’re handling things correctly. To find some of the best immigration firm, click here (link to immigration firm page) 

3. Know your legal status 

It’s stressful and complicated trying to keep a handle on everything related to legal immigration. There are a lot of ins and outs about our citizenship, visas, green cards, work permits and more. For anyone who doesn’t have a full grasp on the laws, the government agencies that enforce these laws can be intimidating. If you’re an immigrant or non-citizen, it’s important to know what your legal status is at all times and understand how to defend yourself if anything bad happens in regard to your immigration status. For that reason, we have a list of highly experienced lawyers and consultants that you can check out here (link to the same to be attached here). You need to always be aware of your immigration status and what the terms of that status are at any given time.

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