Spouse Visa
Spouse Visa Information
Spouse Visa Information
According to the Irish Department of Justice, spouse visa applications are being processed in chronological order, and are taking at least six months to be processed. If you applied for a spouse visa outside Ireland, you can check on the page of your local Irish embassy to check the processing time for your country. If...
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IRELAND VACATION PLAN – Where can you go 

Ireland is a country of beautiful and diverse landscapes.  Here you’ll see rugged coasts lined with glacial-era limestone, vast peninsulas made up of sandy white beaches and green hills that roll off into the distance.

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Climate and Average Weather in Canada

The biggest part of Canada has a continental climate. Weather in Canada The temperate continental climate and the cool continental climate are the most common. In the northern parts of Canada, this changes into a

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Requirements To Get US Citizenship

When you apply for U.S. citizenship, you’ll need to prove that the above conditions were met during your 3–5 year Green Card period. Expect USCIS to ask for proof of your travels, including itemized credit

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5 Best Places in Canada 

Canada is a vast country that offers millions of opportunities. There are adventure sports, amazing food and beverages and magnificent scenery. Conquering all of these at least once in your life is a must-do. You

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Ireland and hidden facts about it 

* The official name of Ireland is the Republic of Ireland. Éire in the Irish language * Population of Ireland is 4.9 million people. But more than 80 million people with Irish roots and Irish

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