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Canada tops the list of favorite target destinations for students abroad. It invites thousands of students from all over the world to study in its prestigious educational institutes. Students from India are also among the top choices due to their hard work and relentless dedication towards educational success. Colleges and Universities of Canada The country has ten provinces and over 100 universities that offer more than 15,000 educational courses. Colleges and Universities of Canada It also offers students with varied choices to identify their ideal programs easily.

Universities of Canada –

Universities of Canada – The top 10 universities in Canada provide students with a plethora of courses that would fit their interests and goals perfectly. They have beneficial programs and courses for students willing to study abroad. They promise an efficient faculty, an uplifting environment, and a stunning infrastructure for students to excel. These colleges also have friendly rules for global students and a wide pool of opportunities for students to pursue their dream courses without hassle.  Canada is known for its international education system. They offer a rich and diverse educational environment that attracts students from all over the world.

Study in Canada –

Students looking to pursue an education in Canada will have ten provinces to choose from. Each province is home to one or multiple universities offering diverse programs of study. The country offers a wide pool of courses and educational options as well as affordable tuition fees. Students who choose Canada for their studies will be welcomed by the excellent faculty, top-notch infrastructure, and friendly environment. The article lists the top Universities of Canada, based on the perception of various educationists and experts.

Top Colleges and Universities of Canada for International Students:

1. University of Toronto – If your passion is exploring new areas and achieving academic excellence then University of Toronto should be your first choice. It is best known for its Bachelors of Arts in Economics, Bachelor’s of Commerce and Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering degrees. The university has a lot of sports grounds that give an enjoyable experience to the students and they learn how to win disappointments by competing with each other. So the University of Toronto is the most suitable option for students looking forward to enrolling in a program that allows them to transform their lives. The flexibility of the university and its remarkable faculty makes it a unique place for learning.

2. McGill University – McGill University’s high worldwide ranking is a clear confirmation of the university’s trustworthy status. As Canada’s top-rated school in Arts and Humanities, this institution offers few elite courses in Canada. The university has also been ranked third in the country by Forbes. The university is well known for its highly regarded Law, Medicine and Business courses. Not only that, but McGill University is said to be one of the most research intensive universities in the nation. Lastly, it has rated as one of the top fifty universities in North America. Overall, McGill University is a fine establishment that instills a sense of responsibility in its pupils. It is a world leader in research and education and works towards gaining the best possible practical knowledge for young individuals to get ahead in life. As such, it is one of the top colleges of Canada.

3. University of Montreal – The University of Montreal is the oldest university in Canada with over 250 years of history and is a leading Canadian institution for research. At the same time, it is an affordable study destination that offers programs for both undergraduates and graduate students. The University of Montreal has become popular among international students thanks to scores of high quality education along with full life integration. If you plan to work in Canada then it is no doubt a good option for you. The University of Montreal has it all and at an affordable price.

4. University Of Alberta – The university has a splendid reputation in providing qualitative higher education and medicinal services. The system is run by a team of active and capable heads along with the assistant staff. As per 2017, the university is offering 60 programs to its students. The four-year graduation degrees provided at this institution are applied to different fields which include Business, Nursing, Education, and more. Canada has stringent rules and therefore Universities have an obligation on themselves to play with full capacity for getting the mandatory degrees approved by the regulatory bodies.

5. McMaster University – McMaster University has a lot to offer students. They have world-class faculty and provide modern facilities. In addition, these facilities include classrooms equipped with state of the art devices that aid learning process and ICT services. McMaster is also certified as an employer preferred university by the Government of Ontario and is a leading institution of higher learning in Canada. The University has made its presence felt in the education and research areas of the country. The alumni list of the University speaks for its reputation and excellence, which includes former Toronto Mayor, David Crombie; business magnate Peter Munk; marketing guru Keith Weed and Governor General Adrienne Clarkson.

6. University of Victoria – The University of Victoria tops the chart in providing a great environment to students and is an ideal choice of study. It uses the latest technologies in delivering excellent quality. The University has ranked among top Canadian universities. The range of research topics available at the University of Victoria can interest you out of sheer curiosity. All these features make this institution one of the best universities to pursue higher education studies. The University of Victoria has a lot to offer both undergraduate and postgraduate students. It tends to rank 1st among other research colleges in Canada. Also, they have business courses like computer science and architecture which fall on the top ten list.

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