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We are a social network dedicated to connecting migrants with the information they need to move successfully to Canada. With our in-depth guides and articles, we help you make well-informed decisions on topics relating to citizenship, travel and more. 

The Young immigrants community is an online guide where newcomers and soon-to-be Canadians can get tips, information, and support to help make their move to Canada a successful one. 

We do our very best to help you understand how life in Canada works, how the Canadian education system works for students that come from abroad, what it’s like working in the Canadian job market and so much more. 

 The Young Immigrants community is a highly engaged place, filled with opportunities to get connected with others who share your vision of Canada. We offer an ever-increasing range of features on our website, including job postings, career advice and tools to help you find the right opportunity.

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We’re passionate about helping people start new lives in Canada, and we think the best way to do that is by providing high-quality information and resources.

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Our ambition is to be the leading migration platform in Canada and across the World. With our team of talented and ambitious people, we work hard daily in order to make it happen.


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