Interning in Ireland will give you the chance to understand this amazing culture in ways that travelers or students might not experience. Not only are you gaining practical skills and expanding your international professional network, but you’ll hopefully get to see some pretty epic sights, to top it all off.  Great internships in Ireland for...
2023-03-13 11:49:43
From the time you land in Canada, this is a phrase you will hear repeated very often and I too wanted to welcome you to this wonderful country and its people. From Mumbai, I had a stint in the Middle East covering Muscat, Abu Dhabi and Dubai before landing in Vancouver, Canada in 1998. Since...
2023-03-03 17:49:08
<strong>IRELAND AND JOB DEMANDS </strong>
IRELAND AND JOB DEMANDS  Like most countries, Ireland took a significant hit at the beginning of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In all, Central Bank estimated that over 100,000 people across the country will have permanently lost their jobs due to the coronavirus. This is a massive number. Even less reassuring is the volume...
2023-02-07 16:06:52
<strong>JOBS IN US – All you need to know </strong>
JOBS IN US - All you need to know 
Here is a list of the most common jobs in America that you can apply for: Read more: The Essential Job Search Guide 1. Cashier National average salary: $29,297 per year Primary duties: A cashier works in a retail environment and processes transactions for a customer’s purchase. Cashiers assist customers in finding products they’re searching...
2023-02-07 15:14:46
Employment-Based Green Card
Employment-Based Green Card
Within the employment-based green card category, multiple subcategories of workers can apply for a permanent resident card. In some cases, their spouses and children may qualify for a green card, as well. The following table lists the employment-based subcategories and the types of jobs that fall under them: Category Jobs included Priority workers (EB-1) Positions...
2023-01-09 15:08:26
Top 4 Career options in the US 
Top 4 Career options in the US 
Even if you’re still in high school, it’s never too early to start thinking about your future career! Knowing what field you may want to go into will help you foster skills that will benefit you when you get to college. But which career path is right for you? Aside from your passions and skills,...
2023-01-09 14:35:59
<strong>What does work in ireland means </strong>
What does work in ireland means 
English is widely spoken and those that live on the Emerald Isle are friendly and welcoming. The country has one of the highest standards of living in Europe and thanks to its well-connected geographical location and low corporation tax rates, an impressive number of multinational companies have European headquarters in the country, providing a wealth...
2022-12-09 14:33:49
<strong>Read this if you’re thinking of working in united states </strong>
Read this if you're thinking of working in united states 
Many aliens want to come to the United States to work. This page provides a summary of employment-based nonimmigrant and immigrant visa classifications and other categories of aliens who are eligible for employment authorization. Each classification provides a link to more detailed information on its requirements. A common way to work temporarily in the United...
2022-12-09 14:24:18
<strong> Foreign Workers in Canada – Rules </strong>
 Foreign Workers in Canada - Rules 
Find out if you need a work permit Who needs a work permit, which permit is right for you and special instructions for some workers Get a work permit Find out if you can apply and how to apply to work in Canada as a temporary worker, business person and student Extend or change the...
2022-12-09 14:17:14
Canada Work Permit
Canada Work Permit
Working in Canada as an American or US citizen can provide fantastic opportunities to expand and grow your experience without going too far from home. Canada’s job market is currently booming. Industry in Canada is increasing, and due to the aging population and the high concentration of the workforce in major cities, Canada desperately needs...
2022-08-17 15:36:03


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Ireland and hidden facts about it 

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