Citizenship Test


If you want to become a citizen of Canada, then you need to pass the citizenship test. Administers of this test include- Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada or the IRCC. This Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) was formed in 1994 to deal with the matters of this immigration.

The pattern of this test is objective-type questions and most of them belong to Canada directly or indirectly like questions related to Canadian history, politics, living style, national symbols, geography, economics, identity, values, rights, responsibilities, etc. If you want to pass this exam, you must have knowledge about these in detail. There are so many websites, apps, links, and offline tutors who give coaching about this so that you can pass the exam on the first attempt. If you pass this exam, it clarifies that you have enough knowledge about the country in which you are going to live, and also if we are talking about Canada; this exam proves that you have enough information about Canadian life and have sufficient efficiency in English or French language. Anyone who is between the ages of 18 & 54 at the time they apply for citizenship must take the citizenship test. If your age is  55 years or above when you apply then you do not have to take the test. If you turn 55 during the processing of your application, you still have to take the test since you were under 55 when you signed your application.

This test is a bunch of 20 questions about the above –above-mentioned. There are some basic requirements to be eligible for the Canadian Citizenship-

1-      First it is mandatory that you need to pass the exam.

2-      Applicant age should be 18 or 18 plus.

3-      The applicant must also be a permanent resident of Canada

You can download the application for Canadian Citizenship from the official website of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).  But for that first, you need to meet all the eligibility criteria. Filling out the application form includes all the related instructions, a list of documents that need to be uploaded, complete information about fee payment, complete address, postal code, etc. There are two languages in which applicants may apply, those are- English and French. In This test, you need to shade your answer with a pencil or the test can be oral i.e interview with an IRCC official, completely depending on the procedures and protocols followed by IRCC. The time duration of the test is about a half-hour for attempting 20 objective-type questions. Any candidate who scores 75 percent or above, which means a minimum of 15 questions out of 20 should be corrected. In case a candidate fails to attempt this test in the first attempt, he/she can schedule his/ her exam for any future date, again if the candidate fails in the same test then the retake test has to clear an interview with a citizenship judge who asks 20 questions. The applicant has to answer again at least 15 answers correctly to pass the citizenship test. 

Citizenship Classes

To prepare for a test so that you can pass the exam on the first attempt, there are many low-cost classes that cover all the topics such as Canadian geography

  • Economics of Canada
  • History and Geography of Canada
  • Three levels of the Canadian government
  • The voting process in Canada
  • Rights and responsibilities of Canadians
  • Culture and symbols of Canada
  • Current events in country

Study Guide

There are many study guides by IRCC which can guide you to study for these exams. You can read those; you can also download the PDF to read later offline also. There are many eBooks and audios also so by listening you can also learn. There are so many online practice tests also so that you can prepare and scale better before passing the exam. It is mandatory to inform IRCC about your current address so that you will not miss any important notice.


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If you are in Canada on a visit visa and want to extend your stay, you will need to apply for visitor status. You can apply for visitor status at a Canadian immigration office from within the country. However, you should apply for a Canada visa before your existing visitor status expires. As a general rule, if you come to Canada as a ‘visitor,’ you will be granted visitor status for a duration of six months

The following factors will determine if you need a visitor visa or ETA:

  • Travel documents you plan to travel with
  • Country which issued your travel document
  • Your nationality
  • How you plan to travel to Canada for this trip

Here are some guidelines that will help Canada Tourist Visa applicants from India:

The application form: You must first download the Canada Visit Visa application form from the website of the Canadian Government. You must download the checklist of documents as well that must be submitted along with the application. The application form must be filled online. You must then click validate and take its print out.

Booking of the accommodation and flight: Sometimes, you will also have to submit copies of your accommodation and flight bookings. This is basically to offer evidence of funds.

Submission of Covering Letter along with the documents for Canada Visa: You will have to submit all the required documents along with the application form. This must include a Covering Letter that states the purpose of your visit. You must also submit evidence of funds to demonstrate that you have adequate money to support yourself during your visit to Canada.

Collecting the Visa and Passport: It usually takes around 10 to 14 working days to obtain the Canada Tourist Visa. You will have to collect your Canada Visa and Passport from the Visa Office.

You must be currently residing in Canada.

You must have a valid passport that will be valid for the duration of your trip

You must have paid the fees associated with Form IMM 5708.

You must make sure that any other permits you have (study or job) remain valid and do not conflict with your visitor permit.


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