Many Indians migrate to Canada or other countries for their higher studies because of less pricing in education and living, education brand, Work permit after graduation, and a Secure Environment, and it is considered the second-largest country in the world. Many Indian professionals wish to migrate to Canada for work coz of its relatively easy procedures to obtain permanent residency.


If you are also applying to study abroad, especially in Canada, you will have to clear either of these three courses- IELTS/ TOFEL/ PTE.

If you are looking for the same, then you are reading the right article. Because, in this article, we are telling you about everything regarding IELTS tests. To know everything about them, read our article till the end.

Canada Permanent Residence

A Canadian permanent resident (PR) is a person who has been granted permanent resident status by immigrating to Canada. A permanent resident is not a Canadian citizen; in fact, all permanent residents are citizens of other countries. To maintain permanent resident status, all the permanent residents must meet a few requirements like the residency obligation.

Documentation required for study abroad

To study abroad, you might be asked to provide some documents. Once again, requirements may vary depending on the country and the university, but international students are often asked to provide the following:

  • Passport photos for identification
  • A statement of purpose
  • CV/résumé
  • Academic references/ letters of recommendation
  • Certificate of your secondary education
  • Proof of English-language proficiency (e.g. a TOEFL or IELTS certificate, for schools in English-speaking countries), or another language test
  • Admissions test results (e.g. GMAT/GRE results, for graduate programs) Now we are telling you about all three tests.


This is an English language competency test, which is very compulsory for this Canadian PR. Its full form is International English Language Testing System, is the world’s most popular English language test for work, study, and migration. More than appx 10,000 organizations believe in IELTS as a reliable indicator of true-to-life ability to communicate in English.

The minimum IELTS score band required for the Canada PR is CLB 7 and a minimum of 6.0 in each test component. Listening, reading, writing, and speaking are the main parts of the English test. 

The four parts of the IELTS test

  1. Listening: 30 minutes and extra 10 minutes of transfer time
  2. Reading: 60 minutes
  3. Writing: 60 minutes
  4. Speaking: 11–14 minutes

The total time is 2 hours and 45 minutes. And its score calculator is based on many things. We will tell you about these things in short.

AGE:  The candidate can secure more points if her age falls between 18 and 35 years. 

EDUCATION: When your qualifications meet the given criteria, you may gain maximum points. 

WORK EXPERIENCE: If you have a minimum of one year of working experience, then you may gain maximum points. 

ADAPTABILITY: If your family members or close relatives live in Canada to support you, then you may score ten more points here. 

ARRANGED EMPLOYMENT: A valid job offer from a Canadian employer will make in getting ten more points.


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