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Canada has a lot to offer in the way of nature, places to live, opportunity and safety. In April 2018, a survey revealed that it was the happiest place on earth to live. Canada is also synonymous with diversity. It is made up of 13 regions, each with its own cultural traditions and identity. This means there are endless opportunities to experience a new way of life while enjoying the benefits of best places to live in Canada. 

It’s time for a cross-border move to Canada, but where do you want to live? From Toronto and Montreal to Vancouver and Ottawa, it seems there are plenty of cities that can give you the lifestyle you’re looking for. We put together a comprehensive guide discussing a few of the best places to live in Canada, but today we’re focusing on four of them in particular.


Save yourself the time and money, and come to Montreal straight away. Other Canadian cities will pale in comparison to this one. The beauty of the city is right after your eyes – whether you’re gazing at the looming skyscrapers of downtown, or at a smaller neighborhood like Mile End, just east of downtown. Even the view from Pointe-à-Callière is constantly graceful, with views of the old port from 1 Place Royale.  Most people know just Montreal for its fun nightlife, the iconic view of the city from atop Mount Royal and Stanley Park, or perhaps even for its eccentric bar crawls. But there’s more to discover: from food to history to entertainment, here are a few reasons why Montreal tops our list of top places to visit in Canada. Montreal has a reputation as an attractive and fun-loving city. But there’s more to this North American metropolis than meets the eye. Sure, the nightlife is legendary, and the food is fantastic, but there’s more to this city than meets the eye.


If you’re looking to start a family then Edmonton is a great place for you. I know, it’s not tropical like Florida, but what it lacks in temperature it makes up for in family fun! Luscious Alberta is Canada’s second-largest province and easternmost. Edmonton is the capital of Alberta, Canada. Edmonton is located in west central Alberta on the North Saskatchewan River. It is the only city in North America where you can experience four fully-functioning seasons in one day. 

Edmonton Public Schools are the best in Edmonton. This is the bold statement that has been made again and again by many different resources, including MoneySense. If you’re looking to put your kid through public school education in Edmonton, this is the place to do it.  Edmonton is one of the largest cities in Canada and yet it is not terribly difficult to navigate or find what you’re looking for. This being said, when it comes to housing options, you will most likely have plenty to choose from no matter what your price range is. If you are planning on living in the city, there are walking paths along the river valley which offer some excellent views and a chance to watch locals practicing Yoga in the summer or tobogganing on the hill during the winter.


If you’re planning a move to Canada, for whatever reason, a lot of people will tell you to consider moving to its capital city: Ottawa. Heck, many Canadians themselves are proud of that city too. However, if you’re looking for something a little different, then maybe it’s time to give Halifax, Nova Scotia a try. When it comes to considering the best places to live in Canada, you can’t fail to mention Halifax. This coastal city has grown beyond its roots as a fishing town and is now a thriving city for all walks of life. One Of the main features I love about this place is cheap housing. Out of the many reasons to live in Halifax, one of the best ones is its relatively low cost of living.

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