Like most countries, Ireland took a significant hit at the beginning of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In all, Central Bank estimated that over 100,000 people across the country will have permanently lost their jobs due to the coronavirus. This is a massive number. Even less reassuring is the volume of workers who will be looking to return to the workforce now that the global economy is beginning to right itself. This is why it is important that you know about the most in-demand jobs in Ireland in [year].

According to studies conducted by a recruitment company in Ireland, 2021 saw a 25% increase in job postings despite the pandemic still being felt around the world. And while many industries experienced significant losses over the past 18 months––the arts and recreation sector, hospitality and tourism, even banking––some were struck harder than others.

As many other residents of Ireland prepare to get back to work, you must know how to stand out above the crowd. And the best way to do this is to get an idea of the most in-demand jobs in Ireland. But before you dive into a job search, consider this: what skills are in high demand in Ireland? Once you have a solid understanding of which industry skills are on the rise, you will be much better prepared come interview time.

Check out our lists of the most in-demand skills and the most in-demand jobs in Ireland in 2023. 

1. Technology

Over the next few years, the growth in conversations around artificial intelligence and data is expected to reach new heights. People everywhere live in a digital world and the more often they are online, the more data they will create––interpreting that data, predicting user’s next moves (whether those habits relate to shopping, streaming video or reading news sources) is an entire industry. And those jobs will be in high demand for the foreseeable future.

Industries: Information Technology, Government, Marketing, Retail

Job titles: Computer Network Architect, IT Coordinator, Network Administrator

2. Construction

One of the few industries to thrive in Ireland during the 2020 pandemic was the trades business. Contracts in place for years prior meant that new builds, renovations and infrastructure improvements were carried out seamlessly (albeit delicately, given social distancing rules on work sites) in massive numbers. And, as the Irish continue to move forward during recovery, expect construction work skills to become an even hotter commodity in [year] and beyond.

Industries: Trades, Business Development, City Planning, Architecture

Job titles: Site Foreman, Electrician, Architect, Interior Design

3. Accounting and Finance

Financial skills have always been in demand, and that need throughout Ireland and much of the UK is only expected to grow in [year]. Many of the world’s largest financial firms already have a dedicated presence in Ireland and given the damage to the global hub of business in London, more of these companies are likely to start consolidating operations, which is where smaller EU countries stand to benefit.

Industries: Finance, Compliance & Legal, Accounting, Business Planning

Job titles: Financial Analyst, Account Broker, Investment Advisor, Chartered Accountant 

4. Creative Design

As many people continue to practise social distancing and remote work, there are fewer eyes in the street to notice out-of-house advertising signage (billboards, bus ads, experiential marketing). As such, many companies in Ireland are tailoring advertising work to digital and direct mail in the hopes of reaching all the online shoppers at home. And they need creative designers, copywriters and art directors to fill those quotas.

Industries: Advertising, Publishing, Education

Job titles: Art Director, Graphic Designer, Production Artist, Copywriter

5. Languages

Since Brexit, the need for diversifying export markets has grown. In the not-too-distant past, many companies, specifically smaller companies, in Ireland have failed to recognise the value of looking beyond the UK market. Fortunately, that tide is changing post-COVID and a demand for language skills, for Irish businesses to connect with non-English markets, has grown.

Industries: Legal, Marketing, Accounting, Education, Publishing

Job titles: Interpreter, Communications Specialist, Translators

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