Ireland and hidden facts about it 

* The official name of Ireland is the Republic of Ireland. Éire in the Irish language

* Population of Ireland is 4.9 million people. But more than 80 million people with Irish roots and Irish passports are living abroad.

* The Capital City of Ireland is Dublin. The Best Things to do in Dublin

* Ireland has two official languages: Irish and English

* Ireland is divided into 32 counties

* Irish Flag is green, white, and orange. (just in case you start a youtube channel about fun with flags)

* The luscious rolling green hills that dot the island in the North Atlantic Ocean gave birth to its found nickname—the Emerald Isle. Despite its central location to nations with chillier climates, the dense green landscape rarely sees more than a dusting of snow covering its green hillsides and jagged cliffs. 

* Travelers that visit Ireland in late October get a chance to experience the country’s largest all hallow’s eve festival. The top destination in the world for celebrating the spooky holiday isn’t Salam, it’s Derry. The Londonderry Banks of the Foyle Halloween Carnival offers a spooktacular four-day celebration during the last week of October every year. It features parades, bonfires, and of course, people of all ages dressed as their favorite ghosts, ghouls, and monsters. 

* The island nation is known for premium beer and liquor and with good reason. The country’s brewing history goes back over 5,000 years. Today it’s home to three famous producers, Guinness, Smithwicks, and Harp Lager. 

* Another fun fact about Ireland that you may not know about involves Bram Stoker. The Irish author that is famous for his creation story of Count Dracula based the character on a friend and actor, Sir Henry Irving.

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