Interesting Facts About Canada
  • At the Narcisse Snake Dens conservation area, you can spot thousands of snakes in one place, looking like a tangle of electrical wires.
  • The Alberta province in Canada has no rats within its borders, and the guards make sure none enter.
  • The town of Churchill, Manitoba, has as many bears as it does people, a thousand each.
  • Enterprising business people scoop up massive floating masses of ice broken off from Greenland glaciers to help in making wine, beer, vodka, and skincare products.
  • Canada welcomes all, including aliens. Back in 1967, Canadians built a landing pad for a UFO ship in St. Paul, Alberta.
  • Canada has the world’s safest highways for animals with numerous underpasses and overpasses on all the national highways.
  • You weigh 1/10th of an ounce lighter in Canada’s Hudson Bay area. Perfect for when you’re feeling down.
  • Canada exports a million barrels of oil to the US daily, even more than all the Gulf nations’ oil supplies to the US

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