Canada is one of the most welcoming nations in the world, and living           there provides newcomers with a number of opportunities not found elsewhere. It’s safe, friendly, and filled with a wealth of natural resources. 

As such, it’s chock full of places to explore, career opportunities to be had, and a variety of ways to have adventures. Canada is a great place to live and work, and these articles will give you some insight into some of the major characteristics that make Canada unique.  All in all, Canada is an excellent choice for expats looking to start their new lives. So go on, pick up your backpack, start planning the trip of your lifetime and set off to explore the northern territories today!

A key consideration is the Canadian climate: Canada has a subarctic climate in much of the country. This means much of Canada has a very long and hard winter season, with a mild summer. The biggest factor to consider when moving to Canada is the change in weather from your home country to Canada. 

Canada should be proud of their educational system and the results it produces. Not only is the country at the top of the education ranking but their kids are also among the happiest in the world. I don’t know what it is about hotdogs, but I do know that I really want whatever it is they’re having. Despite some of the pros of renting, buying a property or even just staying in it for years on end is a much better option. When you own your home, you have a lot more freedom – you can do what you want with it pretty much making it into your dream house. The latter is definitely more preferred than living in an area with strict rules and regulations.

Above all else, you must respect the culture of your new home. Different countries have very different mindsets, so do your best to adapt. This will make things considerably easier for everyone. 

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