US opens visa slots for B1/B2 applicants in India

United States opens more appointments for B1 or B2 visa applicants for the coming months in Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai who are eligible for interview waivers.

The present wait times for an appointment of B1 / B2 with an interview waiver are as follows:

US Embassy in IndiaWait time for appointments (in days)

Wait times for renewals and first-timers

Applicants for visaMedian wait time for appointments
Applicants for renewing B1/B2 visa within 48 months of expiration and opt for an interview waiverOne month
First-time applicants for B1/B2 visasNearly three years

United States B1/B2 visa applicants

The US handles the increasing backlog of applications and has given opportunities to more applicants to be eligible for interview waivers, by sending dropbox cases abroad for settlement and obtaining temporary staffers.

Visa Priorities of the US

  1. Currently the US prioritizes students as it is admission season,
  2. Next it has prioritized drop box cases for skilled workers.
  3. Third priority is B1/B2 visa aspirants and crew. (These are the applicants whose visas got expired within 4 years of application which makes them eligible for an interview waiver).


  • It might take a few months to reduce the wait time for the interview for B1/B2 visas.
  • US states that the process wait times for visas are improved faster than expected or projected and by 2023 FY, the country aims to reach the pre-pandemic levels.

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