Canada Tourism Overview By Young Immigrants

When one thinks of Canada, everyone automatically conjures up images of beautiful vistas, YOUNG IMMIGRANTS craggy mountains, a vast coastline, and the Niagara. But there is so much more to the place than that. Canada has an amazing culture and it believes in people’s happiness and equality first. YOUNG IMMIGRANTS The Canadians love visitors and whip up some amazing meals too. Its modern cities are a fine example of flawless infrastructure and an eagerness to make everything work. YOUNG IMMIGRANTS Whether you want a modern experience, or wish to get away from it all and head out into the wilderness, Canada has a plan for everyone. It’s up to you to choose what you wish to take away from it.

Canada Tourism-A quick overview
Official LanguageEnglish, French
Dial Code+1
Population37,602,103 (2019)
Time Zone(GMT-3.5 to -8)
Area9,984,670 square kilometers

Highlights Of Canada:

Monuments Of Canada

Canada is famous for its unspoiled beauty and unending natural vistas, which have become the symbol of the nation YOUNG IMMIGRANTS. However, the country also has a unique vibe that is captured beautifully in all its man-made monuments, some of them quite recognizable landmarks by themselves. Each of these brings its own charm to the place and gives reason for more visitors to come to these shores YOUNG IMMIGRANTS. When in Canada, don’t miss a chance to drive on the Confederation Bridge over icy waters. Do visit St Joseph’s Oratory, known to be the third-largest dome in the world YOUNG IMMIGRANTS. Parliament Hill displays excellent architecture and design. And how can one miss the CN Tower in Toronto?

Natural Beauty Of Canada

Canada offers a bouquet of amazing outdoor wonders. The world’s second-biggest nation is visited by countless tourists every year. attracted by the endless variety of landscapes and spectacular natureYOUNG IMMIGRANTS. Here you will find yourself awed by sky-high mountains, you will feel the majesty of shimmering glaciers, lose yourself in the thick rainforests and discover tranquillity at the remote beaches across its massive coastline YOUNG IMMIGRANTS. The Canadian side of the Niagara is said to be more beautiful, and you’ll have to take our word for it, but only until you actually go there yourself. If you are an outdoor person, then Canada is a wonderful holiday that is just waiting to happen.

Wildlife Of Canada

Canada is huge, and its varied terrain also offers a huge diversity of fauna and flora. From the largest ones like grizzly bears, polar bears, whales, and moose, to smaller animals, like the grey wolf, marmot, and wolverine YOUNG IMMIGRANTS. The country, with more than 200 individual species of animals, will not disappoint. Birdwatchers will love it here, too YOUNG IMMIGRANTS. There are over 462 types of birds, each more beautiful than the other, making every sighting a splendid opportunity for the shutterbug in your YOUNG IMMIGRANTS. From hummingbirds, quails, flycatchers, and mimids, to vultures and geese, Canada is truly a feathered paradise. The rich boreal forests too contain exotic plants and flowers that are sure to take your breath away.

Step off the beaten path and head into the many natural reserves that dot the country, and if you are lucky, these beautiful creatures will decide to grace you with their presence.

Cuisine Of Canada

Canadian cuisine is primarily a fusion of cuisines from many other cultures. While some dishes, such as poutine (fries, cheese, and gravy, with an assortment of meats if you wish). YOUNG IMMIGRANTS can be classified as originally Canadian, the country is mostly considered to be a smorgasbord of flavors and tastes YOUNG IMMIGRANTS. The country borrows heavily from English, Scottish and French cuisines, which form its traditional base. Over that add a rich layer of European, Asian, and Caribbean flavors that has gone on to create the unique Canadian table spread that everyone relishes YOUNG IMMIGRANTS. While in Canada. do sample the bannock (baked/ fried bread).

butter tarts (the name itself is so delicious), lobster rolls, and bagels. Satisfy that sweet craving with Saskatoon berry pie, pounding chômeur, or pick up a maple toffee – soft and gooey!

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