Three things to keep in mind while applying for Canada Study Visa

If you wish to study in Canada – the only way is to apply for the Canada Student Visa. Your academic record, financial status, age and English proficiency can heavily influence your decision to study overseas. Before you can apply for a study permit, you will need to make sure that you are applying for the correct type of study program. Some programs require an invitation to apply, while others do not. There is no guarantee of acceptance into any program at any university, college, or other educational institution in Canada. So it’s important to understand what requirements need to be met in order to make sure your application is successful. Applying for a Canada Visa is not an overnight process, but it’s worth putting in the effort. The trip will give you tons of unforgettable memories and a chance to experience a new culture. 


If you are dreaming of studying in Canada and wondering how to get there, you can do so by applying for the study permit. The Canadian educational sector is one of the most renowned. Every year, thousands of students from across the world are granted with permission to pursue their education in Canada. But Canada is dealing with a lot of fraudulent visa agencies that take advantage of innocent people who wish to pursue their education in Canada. So it is advisable for students to check for their credentials whether or not the study permit visa agents are reliable and legal and not frauds. Students also need to be careful while applying for this document as they have to do a lot of paperwork and documentation which needs to be properly followed so as to get the document successfully.


Language proficiency is an integral part of the study experience, so it’s important to quickly get your bearings and learn more about it before you’re in the midst of your degree study. IELTS can help you to impress the admission officers or your prospective university in Canada and secure your admission. IELTS may be the only and most credible English test that serves as a gateway to higher education in North America. The validity of IELTS score is till date undisputed by Canadian authorities as it received maximum recognition across the globe since 1992. Moreover, it is absolutely free and can be taken without any hassle. It tests your ability to communicate in fluent English in an academic and professional setting, thus helping you to build up your professional skills and improve your CV. 


Processing time of a study visa application is highly dependent on time. If an aspirant is eligible to get his visa quickly, then it would be easier for him to get the approval. You may find the information on processing time on the CIC official website. Always remember not to accept any invitation before getting a visa to enter Canada. Always keep in mind that every single paper works for each of your applications and essays should be submitted by you before the designated time period . It is your responsibility to submit the required document before it is due otherwise there will be no chance for you to get into Canada. The best way to make your visa application successful is to follow all instructions precisely as mentioned on the CIC website. (add link) 

Looking to register in a post-secondary institution to study in Canada

For those looking to register in a post-secondary institution in Canada, the application process can be intimidating. But it needn’t be that difficult if you know what to expect and you follow the right steps. At the end of the day, successful applicants should be serious about their plans to study in Canada. In other words, making false claims is only going to make you look bad—and jeopardise your chances of getting a visa later on down the line. Instead, do your homework and find out what your life will be like as a student in Canada before you start the application process. Then, use this information to help bolster your claim that you are a serious applicant who can contribute positively to Canadian society over the long term.

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